Powerfully Simple Affiliate Plan

Affiliate Plan Goals

Richly Reward Our Affiliates
Offer a Fairly Priced Trading System
Use Plain Language and be Transparent
Pay Affiliates Daily in Bitcoin
Attract The Best People In The World
Keep Everything 1 Click Simple


Direct Commission

For each subscription that you sell / refer you receive a $7 commission known as a Direct Commission. It is also paid upon subscription renewals each month.


Indirect Commission

If the users that you refer also make referrals themselves, we will pay both you for those new subscriptions as well. We actually pay you for many generations of referrals. We pay out $7 indirect commissions on generation 2 through 9 of referral subscriptions. And before you ask... yes, on the monthly renewals too.


Super Affiliate Infinity Bonus

This additional $7 bonus is paid out to Affiliates that have 5 or more active/current subscription referrals. It is given to the first Super Affiliate in the line of referral sponsorship. It is possible to receive a Super Affiliate Commission in addition to a Direct/Indirect Commission from the same subscription payment. Actually this is a very common thing for people that qualify. Effectively this takes the $7 commission and doubles it to $14 on many of your commissions. Keep in mind that 1 Bonus is paid per subscription to the first Super Affiliate we come across, even if they are beyond the 9 generations.


Offering The Highest SUSTAINABLE
Payout In The Industry

We payout over 70% of our revenue to our affiliates. The average percentage payout in the industry ranges between only 5% and 45%. So we are much, much higher at 70%!

(Potential of the trading system) + (Highest payouts) = (The best opportunity on the planet!)